​‘The happiest place on Earth’

So! the entry requirements to live in this paradise island really had me wondering… Is this the perfect place to live and run an online business?

You only need an income of $3,000 a month transferred to a local bank. Also there’s a $400.00 a year fee for a Standard Residence Permit and that’s all you need. That’s it!

If you wanted to buy a place here, a 3 bedroom house would cost you under $200,000, but you would likely set up in a rental property for a long term stay that would be inexpensive, quite pleasant as well as fully furnished.

If blissfully swinging in a hammock strung between two palm trees, with your laptop in your lap and a Singapore Sling or Cold Beer (your Choice) in the hand. The ocean laps gently onto a-sandy white beach close-by while you leisurely run your online business… then perhaps a place like Vanuatu will suit you down to the ground.

Moving to Vanuatu offers these advantages: zero taxation, beautiful fine sand beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, as well as ancient living cultures and incredible ceremonies.

But! My aim here is not about trying to convince you to move to a remote island somewhere in the Pacific (unless that is what you really want)…I’m just using this to give you some idea of what’s possible with a small income … and how an Internet based business could get you there.

My aim is to “redefine ” your perception of a better lifestyle and then show you how easy it is to create an online business that allows you to achieve that result.

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